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Grounds for Hope Cafe/Kids Street

2701 Maple Ave. Lisle, IL  (part of Trinity Lutheran Church)

Website: https://www.groundsforhopecafe.org/

Visit Date: 9/10/2018

What to expect:  I had heard about this place from friends that have used it to get work done while kids play!  Knox is in preschool 2 days a week without the twins, so I figured it was a win-win!  I walked in (and thankfully brought socks!) and was told the teddy bear had to stay with me.  Quickly learned this was more than a MceeDee’s Playplace.

I registered and found out there was a paid membership.  $6 for the day or $50 for 6 months.  Quickly did the math and realized that less than $10 a month was a steal.  They took me on a tour and I learned there were multiple rooms all connected by this “kids street” that allow for kids’ play and imagination.  There was a Treasures room that had dolls and train tracks.  The Tree House Room had a large tree house and a lot of large motor activities.  And then there was a baby room (no shoes!) for non-walkers.

10:30 every day has an optional large group activity (we were there for Music Day and the twins LOVED playing the bells and singing common songs).

I learned to bring in a bag and minimal items as my kids don’t stay in the same place for long.  So carrying the computer, charger, shoes, and teddy bear was not an easy task!

The moms were all super friendly.  The staff was beyond helpful and I even got a free coffee for signing up!! (and they have great Breakfast options!)

The twins call it their other school and I am more than ready to go back… fully prepared this time!



Kid Friendly Restaurants

2TOOTS- 1567 N Aurora Rd, Naperville, IL 60563


Review coming soon!