Twin-Mom FAQS

As a mom of twins- I tend to get a lot of interesting questions

Here is my best attempt to answer them:

1.Were they planned?

I’m not quite sure how people “plan” for twins.  Did we want more kids?  Yes.  Were we ok just having the three that we had?  Absolutely.  Did we want two more?  It wasn’t in the plans, but we are feeling blessed… especially with all the struggles we faced having Knox and now these two.

2. So are you guys done?

I’m not always sure how to answer this question.  Part of me wants to tell people we would like more- just to see their reaction.  But the truth of the matter, as long as God agrees with us, these will be our last two.  Such a bittersweet statement.  I’ve now reached the point in my life where I will no longer be pregnant again.  This is the last time I will feel kicks and pokes in my belly.  The last time I will have to make beelines for the bathroom or have insane cravings that need to be fulfilled at 9pm (like IHOP waffles with strawberries and whipped cream).  I will no longer stress about if my body is capable of carrying a baby to term and if there are issues we can’t see.  Instead, all of my motherly worries will be focused on them and the world they are living in.

3. Are they identical?

This is a hard question to answer.  They are di/di twins.  Dichorianic diamniotic.  So they have their own homes and their own source of nutrition.  They each have their own sac and they each have their own placenta.  Most commonly, these tend to be “fraternal” twins.  This means that they are no more alike than any other two siblings.  This means they were originally their own egg and they each had their own start (this is whole crazy science… fraternal twins can be conceived days apart and even by different fathers!)  However, there is still a small percentage of a chance that they may end up being identical.  Any egg could have been fertilized and split early enough that they ended up with their own sac.  We won’t know if they are identical or not until they are born.  If they are two girls or two boys, have the same blood type, and look the same… we can have them tested.  If it is boy/girl or the same gender and different blood types, then we will know that they are fraternal twins.  And they share no more in common genetically with each other then they would with Knox.


EDIT TO ADD:  We were blessed with boy/girl twins so thankfully one has a penis and we have been successfully able to tell them apart.

4.  What are they?

Well- they are babies.  But if you are asking their sex- we won’t know until they enter the world.  I know.  We’re crazy.

5. Are you going back to work?

Yup- that’s the plan.  I will take as much time off as possible, but then we have a lot of mouths to feed!  And I love my job.

6. Are you scared?

I’m scared with every child.  There is a fear that every mother worries about with their children.  But I have an awesome partner for this crazy ride and God chose us to be the parents of these two awesome babies.  If He trusts us, then I trust us.  All other worries are being lifted up to HIM.

7.  Are you sure they are twins?  

Why, sir?  Because they are a boy and a girl and only resemble each other?  Yup- pretty sure they are twins.  That whole 2 minutes of birth time separation might have a lot to do with that assumption.

8. Do Twins run in your family? 

Well our twins walk and run… juuuuussst kidding.  So three years ago I would have said NOPE!  Now, I have found out I have the first surviving set.  Fraternal Twins tend to be a maternal lineage gene.  (Identicals tend to be “SURPRISE!” and just a random happening).  Since our twins have been born, there has been another set of twins born into the family that follow my same maternal lineage line.  (our moms were cousins).  Crazy!


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