you might be a toddler if…

Hey- I’m Knox- I’m 3.  Maybe you remember me.  Its been a while since I’ve been able to write about life as I know it… so here I am.  Back again.

Its been so long since I was able to sit down and write that I should fill you in on a few things.  First of all- I’m 3 and in preschool and loving every minute of it.  The twins- yeah, they’re still around and they are 2 (and craaazzzyy).  Didi (Lucy) is in 5th grade and Charlie (Aiden) is in high school now and I LOVE hanging out with him and his friends.

So this post is all about me.  Yup, just me.  Thought I would fill you in on a few of my favorite things to do:

  1. TAG-TEAM:  Many of you know I used to like to pick on the twins.  Especially Grif (only because he cries all.the.time).  But its crazy.  One day it just happened.  I realized Grif was bigger than me.  And he bites.  And he can fight back.  So I don’t pick on them (as much… let’s be honest… I still do, sometimes) and instead I have learned that I can get a lot more accomplished if there is more than just me.  So I recruit them.  Like when I need to reach the fish food on the shelf, or dump toys and electronics into the fish tank, or get food or candy I’m not supposed to, or fill up cups of water and dump them on the floor… you get it.  It definitely helps having power in numbers.  The twins are pretty helpful when it comes to this stuff.
  2. PAINT: I’m super good at painting.  Painting with paint, water, play-doh.  I paint on paper or walls.  Anything works, really.  Play-doh on walls works really well (and I guess is super hard to get off of walls- who knew?)
  3. HAMSTER HELPER: Didi got a new pet.  I want a pet too.  Mom says no.  So instead, I try to help Didi as much as possible with her new pet.  Her name is Ginger.  Didi keeps her door locked now so I can’t get in to check on Ginger anymore.  I used to check on her while Didi was at school, and one day Ginger looked lonely so I got her out to play with her and she just ran away.  She came back to dad though and crawled into his hand, which is good.  I was worried.  But ever since then- I’m not allowed in Didi’s room.  So now I have my own pretend Hamster named Ginger that I take care of (though she isn’t as fun as the real one).  She lives in one of mom’s bird cages on the shelf and I like
  4. FISH FEEDER: So Charlie has a bunch of fish in our house and I’m really good at feeding them.  Fish are hungry.  A  lot.  So I feed them as much as I can, whenever I can.  I even put in some toys and XBOX remotes one day for them to play with, but mom wasn’t happy.  Have you ever tried fish food?  Its not that bad.
  5. OUTDOOR EXPLORER:  Being outside is my favorite.  I love being outside.  I love to go for walks and see new things like the diggers at the end of the street and talk to my next door neighbor Mr. Franklin.  He’s one of my favorite people.  He has a cane and just laughs at whatever I say.  I told my mom I want a cane like that for my birthday.  I also can open doors now and have tried to go for a walk a couple times on my own, but mom doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea.
  6. SUPERSTAR: I guess mom and dad used to like to karaoke a lot.  So mom set up their old karaoke machine in our basement and it has TWO WORKING MICROPHONES!  Griffin and I are really good at singing duets.  Our two favorites right now are Happy Birthday and Go Cubs Go.  Do you know how loud it can get when him and I are both yelling into the microphones?  So loud.  Its awesome.  We also have some pretty intense dance parties and Whitney is a really good dancer.


So those are just a few of the things I like to do to keep me busy.  I love my family and love hanging out with my older siblings and get super excited when dad comes home from work.  The twins are ok, but still get in the way sometimes… ok, they get in the way a lot.  And even though my mom gets upset sometimes, I love snuggling with her and giving her lots of hugs and kisses.  She loves snuggles (and taking deep breaths and reminding herself that this is all a phase and that it goes by too quickly).




8 months and we’re all in one piece 

Mom said the twins are 8 months old.  I figured it was probably time to stop picking on them for a second and update you all as to how life has been in the last 5 months. 

I’m doing great.  Life is good.  People are finally understanding me and I have a lot to say.  I like trucks- fish- ducks- Nemo- Bumpa and Papa and Daddy- Didi (Lucy) -Aiden – doggies and of course- the babies. 

I can now fluently say “No babies No!”.  Helpful for when the babies think they can play with my things.  

I also like to tackle my brother- with a head-first pile-drive to his stomach.  Mom and dad get mad- but I don’t understand why being the kid is almost as big as I am.  He’s wearing clothes I just grew out of a few months ago. He likes to eat. A lot.  And I like to make him laugh when he’s eating because he will spit his food out all over the person feeding him.  Super funny to watch. 

My sister loves to laugh at me. I enjoy making her laugh. I also enjoy making her cry by hitting her in the head.  I always like to be right where she is and keep mom and dad guessing as to what I am going to do next. 

They are pretty fun to play with, but they are still taking up a lot of mom and dad’s time with me.  I make sure to let them know when I’m not getting enough attention.  Mom really likes when I repeatedly yell for her really loud.  “MOM! MAMA! MOM!”  When she finally responds- I usually just smile because I just want to make sure she’s paying attention. 

Supposedly the twins still aren’t sleeping.  They each have their own crib in mom and dad’s closet.  I don’t hear them- but mom and dad are drinking a lot of coffee these days and falling asleep watching Paw Patrol with me-  I guess Griffin likes to hang out with them during the night.  I don’t blame him- he might be on to something getting mom and dad all to himself.  Mom broke her toe going to help the babies during the night- she said she fell asleep walking and stubbed it on the door frame.  I didn’t make it better when I suddenly stopped at the top of the stairs the next day and mom had to jump out of the way and slammed her toe into the wall again.  Oops. 

Thankfully Aiden and Lucy like to hang out with me a lot and I am able to do big kid stuff with them

Mom did start a new business- which I love.  We get to go workout with her and sing songs and she blows bubbles.  It’s a lot of fun and I get to play with a lot of friends.  And I’m now really good at doing mountain climbers and Burpees!  


Until next time-   I gotta go get these babies out of my stuff.  
Much love- Knox 


3 months in (mom’s turn)

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun!
More like- It’s amazing how time flies when you’re just trying to survive and not misplace a child. Seriously- that is my daily goal. “Don’t misplace a child”. I feel like I need to have a safety sign like the factories…”it’s been ‘x’ days since a child was misplaced”.  I guess if that’s the case- my records pretty good considering Aiden was the last child I misplaced. In Target. Code Black. Complete store lockdown. No one allowed in or out. Damn end-cap video games. False alarm. Did I mention he was like eight? That was awesome.

So a quarter of a year in- approximately 13 weeks- 91 days- this is how I know life to be as a twin mom. 

– running a quick trip to a store is no longer a thing. “Quick” in and of itself is no longer a thing. Unless it refers to making a bottle at 1am. And 3am. And4am. 

– speaking of stores… You know what parking spots are coveted as a twin mom? The ones next to the cart return. I drove around the lot the other day for 5 minutes waiting for one of those bad boys to open up. It’s nice just to reach over to grab a cart to load everyone up instead of running a 5k to find a cart and get back to your car with the kids because it is impossible to carry all three (spoken from experience). And in case you were wondering– Knox was buckled in in the front- Grif was in his car seat in the bucket of the cart- and I wore Whit.

– speaking of stores- do you know which carts are coveted by twin moms? The ginormous ones with multiple seats in the front. Did you know you can’t strap two rambunctious toddlers into a regular cart? I haven’t had first-hand experience… But I have heard and I understand and I pledge never to use one if those carts for just one child again.

– people honestly don’t think before they open their mouth. The aforementioned shopping trip? Had a lady stop me to tell me if I had a red card, I wouldn’t have to leave my house. Really? Does she know what it’s like to be cooped up? I just had to buy “2” things at Target (I mean 20). She then proceeded to tell me she would shoot herself if she were in my shoes. Gruesome much? I told her I was super blessed and actually loved it, and then tossed my spit-up covered hair over my shoulder and marched on. I showed her.

– I really do love it. I’m not lying. 

– It sucks to have to choose. If they are both crying- I usually go for the one with the most pitiful face or most pitiful cry. I have to choose. I’ve mastered feeding both of them, but it’s not always pretty. And sometimes I have to choose who gets a feeding break so I can re-adjust bottles or burp the other one.  And remember Knox is still in the picture. So when he decides to climb the kitchen chair or the couch or the coffee table… Which is almost always when I am feeding (smart kid)… I have to choose him. Or when Lucy or Aiden need “mom” time- I choose them. Twins must be the most patient people in the world.  Mine are going to have to be. 

– speaking of that… I never knew it was ok to just lay a baby down. I thought I constantly had to be holding them, cuddling them, entertaining them… Look at the baby, look at the baby.  But I don’t. They can be totally fine just hanging out.  And Whitney even prefers to not be cuddled all the time. Give the girl her space. (That may come back to bite me.)

– They truly leave me in awe sometimes. They are so alike and yet so different. They poop at the same time- want to eat at the same time- wake at the same time and both love to have people talk to them. But Whitney is cool, calm and collected 98% of the day. The other 2%- she is an angry elf. She has a temper.  Griffin? My mamas boy. He whines 90% of the day and loves to hear his voice. Also loves snuggles and never misses a meal. They are in different size clothes (she’s still wearing newborn) and different size diapers (yes- Amazon delivers three different jumbo boxes to my door).  And Griffin also has the most pathetic bottom lip quiver (see below)

– To the person that said you should keep the twins on the same schedule and feed both at the same time… Lies. All lies. A 30 minute difference in schedules is perfect. 

– the lack of sleep? Nothing…I mean nothing compared to one baby. For ethnicity I now claim Zombie. Formula in coffee. Need I say more? (Although usually I brew a cup and don’t get to it until a few hours later)

– I was not and still am not ready to go back to work. People said I would enjoy the break. I don’t. It hurts to leave them. We are so lucky to have an amazing sitter come to our house who loves them, but it still hurts. 

– the twins don’t have a bedroom to move to- so they are stuck with us… Although our walk in closet is looking like a pretty good option. The plan was to move them in with Knox. But Knox is such a great sleeper- 630pm to 630am. Every night. I’m not messing that gig up.  So the twins are with us for the forseeable future. Did I also mention that Griffin snorts in his sleep? All night long? Yeah- that whole zombie thing.

– Baby smiles are my favorite. Especially when they are smiling because they recognize you.

– it’s amazing what older siblings are capable of. I am so thankful for them stepping up to the plate… Even though they say it’s boring now because all we ever do is take care of babies.  

Great-Grandpas are pretty helpful, too 

Did you know there is a secret society of twin moms? No really. They are amazing and we support each other through all this madness and I am so grateful.

I do know Jeremy and I are blessed and I am so loving this journey of twin parenthood. 

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7 weeks in

Hey all-

Sorry for the delay in posting. Finally getting a chance to sit down with some quiet to get you all caught up. 

Well, the babies are home and I’m not sure I like it. They cry- my mom is constantly feeding them- and I am having a hard time maintaining my rule of the house. 

Everyone says Griffin looks like me- I don’t see it. 


I think Griffin looks like that guy from the Princess Bride. “Inconceivable”!!

(The guy from the Princess Bride)  
Everyone says Whitney looks like Lucy and my mom… I can see it

Mom thinks I’m not nice to the twins, but I swear I’m trying to help. 

Mom and dad keep trying to get me to kiss the babies. I find it much more enjoyable to give them high fives. On their heads. 

I help and give them their binkys. In their face. 

I help them stretch out. By pulling their arms and legs. 

Mom is always changing diapers, so I help empty out the diaper holder and all the wipes. 

Mom wasn’t too impressed with me helping so the twins are always kept where I can’t reach them. So I’m working on my climbing skills to get to them. I keep falling and mom says I have a traveling bruise on my forehead, but I’ll get to the twins one day. You know- to help. 


I have enjoyed all the people coming over to help. There’s always someone to show off my dance moves to. And mom lets me watch a lot of Paw Patrol and Rio. She keeps talking about just surviving. I think it’s a good deal. 


Well- things are getting too quiet around here, so I’m going to liven things up a little. I’m sure mom will be on soon to update the birth story. 

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A week away

Mom’s turn again…

 Hard to believe at this time next week, we will be in the hospital getting prepped for our last c-section.  And our family with instantaneously go from 5 to 7 in a matter of minutes.  I keep telling Jeremy that I still don’t quite believe it.  I probably won’t until they hand me that second baby. 

“Here’s your new baby!!! It’s a _______”

“And here’s the next one!”

Wait, what?  You guys were serious all along that there are two babies in there?
Maybe it’s my lack of symptoms, or the fact that I don’t “look” like I’m carrying twins (is that a thing?)… But I definitely won’t have reality set in until probably the first night in the hospital.  Once things have quieted down, family is at home, the nurses have left us alone for 5 minutes… And Jeremy and I look at those babies… Then it might hit that there are two.  

Oh. shit.

We aren’t the first parents of twins and we won’t be the last- but dang- it’s scary.  Not quite sure how God thinks we are going to handle this.  He knows something I don’t though, and we will get through.  We don’t have a choice.  

But seriously…

If it’s two of the same gender, how do we pick which one gets what name?

If they are identical, how is Jeremy going to tell them apart?

How are we going to keep showing Knox the love and attention he is used to? And how are we going to give Aiden and Lucy that one on one attention they need?

How am I going to make it to soccer games, basketball games, and events that Aiden and Lucy need their mom at?

How am I going to burp a baby when both babies are eating at the same time? 

What happens when one gets invited to a birthday party and the other one doesn’t?

How can I foster their independence when they will forever be known as “the twins”?

Where the heck is everyone going to sleep???
Regardless- we’ll get through.  We thank God daily that we have such an awesome support system.  Aiden and Lucy are beyond helpful.  Our family- parents-siblings-friends have been such a great help.  We will make it.   We might not remember much of the first year, but we will make it.  We do know…Life will never be boring again. 
So in one week- we get to meet these babies that have been growing and kicking and pushing and turning for all these months.  And we will finally know their sex. Crazy.  We still laugh that we were able to make it this long without finding out.  Because “twins” wasn’t enough of a surprise. 
So we had our last (ever!!) appt with our MFM (high-risk doctor) yesterday.  Things were so crowded in there- we couldn’t get pictures and it was hard to tell what body part belonged to what baby! Here are the stats:

I’ve gained 37lbs (comparison-I gained 70+ with Aiden)

My belly is measuring the same as someone that is 42 weeks pregnant. 

Twin A: 138 heart rate.  Estimated weight of 5lb10oz. 

Twin B: 126 heart rate. Estimated weight of 6lb5oz!

Dr is expecting no NICU time! (But that can always change)
So now we wait… And scramble to get all of the last minute things done before our world changes forever!



4 weeks to go!

Happy Tuesday!

My mom is 33 weeks today— only 4 more weeks to go!

They had an appointment with the MFM yesterday (high risk doctor)- Cuatro weighs 4lbs and Cinco weighs 4lb 7oz (but the tech said its because Cinco has a bigger head- dad said that one must take after my mom).  The tech said she can see hair on Cuatro’s head!!

Mom is having pain where she had her previous c-sections, but the dr said we need to keep them cooking as long as possible.  If the pain gets worse- she needs to go in… The dr said he will be surprised if they make it 4 more weeks, but anything is possible!

Mom also had to have an NST (non-stress test).  They monitor her contractions and the babies’ heart rates for 20 minutes.  Everything looked great and heart rates ranged from 125 to 160! Busy babies!!

Things are starting to get crazy around here- dad has been busy redoing my room.  Mom has been “nesting” and cleaning things I’ve never seen her clean (like the laundry room floor boards!!) Car seats are out and ready to be installed and mom has her bag packed.  I’ve been busy watching Paw Patrol and hanging out with my Daddy- I will keep you all updated! (Oh- and mom gained 12 lbs in 4 weeks- guess all that ice cream she’s eating is paying off)



30 weeks- feeling grateful

Mom’s turn!

Hit 30 weeks on Tuesday! Huge milestone with the scare we had.  The great thing is that even though the contractions are continuing- nothing else is happening!! So both my OB and MFM (high-risk) think they are staying put for right now.  Even got clearance to go relax at our camper!(keyword:relax)

I’m feeling great! Tired…but great.  I am enjoying every minute of this last pregnancy. 

Prepping for delivery now.  Talked it through with my OB and I can only hope things go as planned! Sounds like there will be quite a team of people in there for me and both babies! Thankfully the hospital I am delivering at promotes a “natural” c-section.  As soon as the babies are born and tests are done- I will get to do skin to skin time with both of them while they finish the surgery.  Then they will come with me to the recovery room so I can nurse right away and spend time bonding.  This is so different then what it used to be.  I don’t think I saw Aiden for almost an hour and a half after his c-section. 

Feeling so blessed for everyone that has been helping us.  From food, to watching the kids or spending time at the house helping us get caught up.  It has truly been so helpful.  Thank so much.  We are so grateful. 

7 weeks to go!!