The “Why” behind the Workout

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Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

If we have no body, we have nothing to serve with…

Those words echoed in my head today sitting in the church.  I was surrounded by rows of people. All the chairs were full.  I looked around.  Were they hearing what he was saying?  It was one of those moments I wanted to leap from my chair- hands raised up with a triumphant “YES!”

Yes!  Our pastor today was seriously telling everyone to take care of the body we have so that we may serve better.  aka: Workout.  Eat to Fuel.  Listen to your soul.  Rest.  It was my world of health and fitness combining with my spiritual life with a sudden BAM! And it was beautiful.  And then he said something else… physical wellness and spiritual wellness should not be two separate entities… but they should support one another and be one in the same.  What? So in working out, eating right, being “well”, my spiritual life can also grow.  Lightbulb.

The crazy thing is, it’s not just my spiritual life, but my whole life that benefits.  Take a second to reflect.  What’s your purpose?  Really- what do you do every day?  What do you wake up to do? What gets you going? Career? School?  Wiping noses and kissing boo-boos?  Teaching and shaping young minds?  Is that your purpose?  How are you living that out?

My purpose right now?  To help moms be the healthiest version of themselves so they can show up every day to this thing called motherhood and rock it.  They can keep up with their kids.  They can play the games.  They can do all the things because they are able to.  They can feel like they aren’t alone and that they have a village that loves and supports them.  My more important purpose is to keep my own family happy, healthy, and safe.  And I can do that because I am able.

Am I tired?  Everyday.  Does my brain ever stop worrying or overthinking everything?  Nope.  Do I usually think I’m royally screwing something up?  Yup.  But can I mentally and physically give what I need to my kids, Jeremy, and those around me? Heck yes.  Because I take time to care for me.  Physically and spiritually.  (and again, please note, no where did I say it was easy.  But I can do it).

So now the question is- are you taking care of yourself in the way that supports you being able to live out your purpose? I was asked that today sitting in my chair about 20 rows back from the stage.  Not asked individually, but asked as a collective whole.  I was able to answer yes.  And I wonder if other people in the room were able to answer the same.  I’m not saying that to be prideful or boastful.  It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am.  And I’m not perfect, yet.  But I’m getting there.

So the thing is- I don’t workout or try to “eat right” because I want to be the skinniest or the strongest (though that would be a nice bonus, I won’t lie).  I workout so that I can live a functional and fulfilling life.  I workout so that I can sprint across the house and bound up steps when I hear one of the babies crying for me.  I workout so that I can run across the grass and jump over a bike to keep a kid from running in the street.  I workout so when my 4 year old tells me he wants to ride a bike without training wheels, I can run alongside of him to catch him if he falls.  I workout so I can separate a Royal Rumble happening in my living room when there’s just one of me and two … or five of them.  I workout so I can have quiet alone time.  (yeah, you read that right- I run without music or noise so that my brain can rest and my body can work- it makes for some great clarity on many issues and decisions.  and it’s quiet).  Some people workout to be with other people- I workout to be by myself.  I workout to be happy.  (working out creates endorphins- endorphins make you happy- yada yada.  But it’s true).  I workout so that I’m not out of breath doing day to day tasks.  I workout so that when I’m a grandparent- I still will be able to do all these things.  Do I still take naps?  Sometimes.  I call it self-care.  Some days I need a 20 (or 60) min power nap to get through the day with the crazy trio.  Some days I can keep going.  It’s all about listening and knowing when to stop and when to go.  Working out doesn’t have to be because you want to look great.  Who cares?  Working out should happen so that you can show up to whatever life throws at you being the best version of you.

So now I ask you.  How are you taking care of what you were given?

A friend posted tonight that she challenges everyone to live out the last 90 days of 2018 with the same motivation and determination as the first 90 days of 2018.  I love that.  What were your goals?  Have they changed?  Are they the same?  Do you still have that motivation.  I would love to challenge all of you do to the same- make the last 90 days just as good as the first 90.