8 months and we’re all in one pieceĀ 

Mom said the twins are 8 months old.  I figured it was probably time to stop picking on them for a second and update you all as to how life has been in the last 5 months. 

I’m doing great.  Life is good.  People are finally understanding me and I have a lot to say.  I like trucks- fish- ducks- Nemo- Bumpa and Papa and Daddy- Didi (Lucy) -Aiden – doggies and of course- the babies. 

I can now fluently say “No babies No!”.  Helpful for when the babies think they can play with my things.  

I also like to tackle my brother- with a head-first pile-drive to his stomach.  Mom and dad get mad- but I don’t understand why being the kid is almost as big as I am.  He’s wearing clothes I just grew out of a few months ago. He likes to eat. A lot.  And I like to make him laugh when he’s eating because he will spit his food out all over the person feeding him.  Super funny to watch. 

My sister loves to laugh at me. I enjoy making her laugh. I also enjoy making her cry by hitting her in the head.  I always like to be right where she is and keep mom and dad guessing as to what I am going to do next. 

They are pretty fun to play with, but they are still taking up a lot of mom and dad’s time with me.  I make sure to let them know when I’m not getting enough attention.  Mom really likes when I repeatedly yell for her really loud.  “MOM! MAMA! MOM!”  When she finally responds- I usually just smile because I just want to make sure she’s paying attention. 

Supposedly the twins still aren’t sleeping.  They each have their own crib in mom and dad’s closet.  I don’t hear them- but mom and dad are drinking a lot of coffee these days and falling asleep watching Paw Patrol with me-  I guess Griffin likes to hang out with them during the night.  I don’t blame him- he might be on to something getting mom and dad all to himself.  Mom broke her toe going to help the babies during the night- she said she fell asleep walking and stubbed it on the door frame.  I didn’t make it better when I suddenly stopped at the top of the stairs the next day and mom had to jump out of the way and slammed her toe into the wall again.  Oops. 

Thankfully Aiden and Lucy like to hang out with me a lot and I am able to do big kid stuff with them

Mom did start a new business- which I love.  We get to go workout with her and sing songs and she blows bubbles.  It’s a lot of fun and I get to play with a lot of friends.  And I’m now really good at doing mountain climbers and Burpees!  


Until next time-   I gotta go get these babies out of my stuff.  
Much love- Knox