3 months in (mom’s turn)

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun!
More like- It’s amazing how time flies when you’re just trying to survive and not misplace a child. Seriously- that is my daily goal. “Don’t misplace a child”. I feel like I need to have a safety sign like the factories…”it’s been ‘x’ days since a child was misplaced”.  I guess if that’s the case- my records pretty good considering Aiden was the last child I misplaced. In Target. Code Black. Complete store lockdown. No one allowed in or out. Damn end-cap video games. False alarm. Did I mention he was like eight? That was awesome.

So a quarter of a year in- approximately 13 weeks- 91 days- this is how I know life to be as a twin mom. 

– running a quick trip to a store is no longer a thing. “Quick” in and of itself is no longer a thing. Unless it refers to making a bottle at 1am. And 3am. And4am. 

– speaking of stores… You know what parking spots are coveted as a twin mom? The ones next to the cart return. I drove around the lot the other day for 5 minutes waiting for one of those bad boys to open up. It’s nice just to reach over to grab a cart to load everyone up instead of running a 5k to find a cart and get back to your car with the kids because it is impossible to carry all three (spoken from experience). And in case you were wondering– Knox was buckled in in the front- Grif was in his car seat in the bucket of the cart- and I wore Whit.

– speaking of stores- do you know which carts are coveted by twin moms? The ginormous ones with multiple seats in the front. Did you know you can’t strap two rambunctious toddlers into a regular cart? I haven’t had first-hand experience… But I have heard and I understand and I pledge never to use one if those carts for just one child again.

– people honestly don’t think before they open their mouth. The aforementioned shopping trip? Had a lady stop me to tell me if I had a red card, I wouldn’t have to leave my house. Really? Does she know what it’s like to be cooped up? I just had to buy “2” things at Target (I mean 20). She then proceeded to tell me she would shoot herself if she were in my shoes. Gruesome much? I told her I was super blessed and actually loved it, and then tossed my spit-up covered hair over my shoulder and marched on. I showed her.

– I really do love it. I’m not lying. 

– It sucks to have to choose. If they are both crying- I usually go for the one with the most pitiful face or most pitiful cry. I have to choose. I’ve mastered feeding both of them, but it’s not always pretty. And sometimes I have to choose who gets a feeding break so I can re-adjust bottles or burp the other one.  And remember Knox is still in the picture. So when he decides to climb the kitchen chair or the couch or the coffee table… Which is almost always when I am feeding (smart kid)… I have to choose him. Or when Lucy or Aiden need “mom” time- I choose them. Twins must be the most patient people in the world.  Mine are going to have to be. 

– speaking of that… I never knew it was ok to just lay a baby down. I thought I constantly had to be holding them, cuddling them, entertaining them… Look at the baby, look at the baby.  But I don’t. They can be totally fine just hanging out.  And Whitney even prefers to not be cuddled all the time. Give the girl her space. (That may come back to bite me.)

– They truly leave me in awe sometimes. They are so alike and yet so different. They poop at the same time- want to eat at the same time- wake at the same time and both love to have people talk to them. But Whitney is cool, calm and collected 98% of the day. The other 2%- she is an angry elf. She has a temper.  Griffin? My mamas boy. He whines 90% of the day and loves to hear his voice. Also loves snuggles and never misses a meal. They are in different size clothes (she’s still wearing newborn) and different size diapers (yes- Amazon delivers three different jumbo boxes to my door).  And Griffin also has the most pathetic bottom lip quiver (see below)

– To the person that said you should keep the twins on the same schedule and feed both at the same time… Lies. All lies. A 30 minute difference in schedules is perfect. 

– the lack of sleep? Nothing…I mean nothing compared to one baby. For ethnicity I now claim Zombie. Formula in coffee. Need I say more? (Although usually I brew a cup and don’t get to it until a few hours later)

– I was not and still am not ready to go back to work. People said I would enjoy the break. I don’t. It hurts to leave them. We are so lucky to have an amazing sitter come to our house who loves them, but it still hurts. 

– the twins don’t have a bedroom to move to- so they are stuck with us… Although our walk in closet is looking like a pretty good option. The plan was to move them in with Knox. But Knox is such a great sleeper- 630pm to 630am. Every night. I’m not messing that gig up.  So the twins are with us for the forseeable future. Did I also mention that Griffin snorts in his sleep? All night long? Yeah- that whole zombie thing.

– Baby smiles are my favorite. Especially when they are smiling because they recognize you.

– it’s amazing what older siblings are capable of. I am so thankful for them stepping up to the plate… Even though they say it’s boring now because all we ever do is take care of babies.  

Great-Grandpas are pretty helpful, too 

Did you know there is a secret society of twin moms? No really. They are amazing and we support each other through all this madness and I am so grateful.

I do know Jeremy and I are blessed and I am so loving this journey of twin parenthood. 

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