7 weeks in

Hey all-

Sorry for the delay in posting. Finally getting a chance to sit down with some quiet to get you all caught up. 

Well, the babies are home and I’m not sure I like it. They cry- my mom is constantly feeding them- and I am having a hard time maintaining my rule of the house. 

Everyone says Griffin looks like me- I don’t see it. 


I think Griffin looks like that guy from the Princess Bride. “Inconceivable”!!

(The guy from the Princess Bride)  
Everyone says Whitney looks like Lucy and my mom… I can see it

Mom thinks I’m not nice to the twins, but I swear I’m trying to help. 

Mom and dad keep trying to get me to kiss the babies. I find it much more enjoyable to give them high fives. On their heads. 

I help and give them their binkys. In their face. 

I help them stretch out. By pulling their arms and legs. 

Mom is always changing diapers, so I help empty out the diaper holder and all the wipes. 

Mom wasn’t too impressed with me helping so the twins are always kept where I can’t reach them. So I’m working on my climbing skills to get to them. I keep falling and mom says I have a traveling bruise on my forehead, but I’ll get to the twins one day. You know- to help. 


I have enjoyed all the people coming over to help. There’s always someone to show off my dance moves to. And mom lets me watch a lot of Paw Patrol and Rio. She keeps talking about just surviving. I think it’s a good deal. 


Well- things are getting too quiet around here, so I’m going to liven things up a little. I’m sure mom will be on soon to update the birth story. 

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