A week away

Mom’s turn again…

 Hard to believe at this time next week, we will be in the hospital getting prepped for our last c-section.  And our family with instantaneously go from 5 to 7 in a matter of minutes.  I keep telling Jeremy that I still don’t quite believe it.  I probably won’t until they hand me that second baby. 

“Here’s your new baby!!! It’s a _______”

“And here’s the next one!”

Wait, what?  You guys were serious all along that there are two babies in there?
Maybe it’s my lack of symptoms, or the fact that I don’t “look” like I’m carrying twins (is that a thing?)… But I definitely won’t have reality set in until probably the first night in the hospital.  Once things have quieted down, family is at home, the nurses have left us alone for 5 minutes… And Jeremy and I look at those babies… Then it might hit that there are two.  

Oh. shit.

We aren’t the first parents of twins and we won’t be the last- but dang- it’s scary.  Not quite sure how God thinks we are going to handle this.  He knows something I don’t though, and we will get through.  We don’t have a choice.  

But seriously…

If it’s two of the same gender, how do we pick which one gets what name?

If they are identical, how is Jeremy going to tell them apart?

How are we going to keep showing Knox the love and attention he is used to? And how are we going to give Aiden and Lucy that one on one attention they need?

How am I going to make it to soccer games, basketball games, and events that Aiden and Lucy need their mom at?

How am I going to burp a baby when both babies are eating at the same time? 

What happens when one gets invited to a birthday party and the other one doesn’t?

How can I foster their independence when they will forever be known as “the twins”?

Where the heck is everyone going to sleep???
Regardless- we’ll get through.  We thank God daily that we have such an awesome support system.  Aiden and Lucy are beyond helpful.  Our family- parents-siblings-friends have been such a great help.  We will make it.   We might not remember much of the first year, but we will make it.  We do know…Life will never be boring again. 
So in one week- we get to meet these babies that have been growing and kicking and pushing and turning for all these months.  And we will finally know their sex. Crazy.  We still laugh that we were able to make it this long without finding out.  Because “twins” wasn’t enough of a surprise. 
So we had our last (ever!!) appt with our MFM (high-risk doctor) yesterday.  Things were so crowded in there- we couldn’t get pictures and it was hard to tell what body part belonged to what baby! Here are the stats:

I’ve gained 37lbs (comparison-I gained 70+ with Aiden)

My belly is measuring the same as someone that is 42 weeks pregnant. 

Twin A: 138 heart rate.  Estimated weight of 5lb10oz. 

Twin B: 126 heart rate. Estimated weight of 6lb5oz!

Dr is expecting no NICU time! (But that can always change)
So now we wait… And scramble to get all of the last minute things done before our world changes forever!