4 weeks to go!

Happy Tuesday!

My mom is 33 weeks today— only 4 more weeks to go!

They had an appointment with the MFM yesterday (high risk doctor)- Cuatro weighs 4lbs and Cinco weighs 4lb 7oz (but the tech said its because Cinco has a bigger head- dad said that one must take after my mom).  The tech said she can see hair on Cuatro’s head!!

Mom is having pain where she had her previous c-sections, but the dr said we need to keep them cooking as long as possible.  If the pain gets worse- she needs to go in… The dr said he will be surprised if they make it 4 more weeks, but anything is possible!

Mom also had to have an NST (non-stress test).  They monitor her contractions and the babies’ heart rates for 20 minutes.  Everything looked great and heart rates ranged from 125 to 160! Busy babies!!

Things are starting to get crazy around here- dad has been busy redoing my room.  Mom has been “nesting” and cleaning things I’ve never seen her clean (like the laundry room floor boards!!) Car seats are out and ready to be installed and mom has her bag packed.  I’ve been busy watching Paw Patrol and hanging out with my Daddy- I will keep you all updated! (Oh- and mom gained 12 lbs in 4 weeks- guess all that ice cream she’s eating is paying off)



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