30 weeks- feeling grateful

Mom’s turn!

Hit 30 weeks on Tuesday! Huge milestone with the scare we had.  The great thing is that even though the contractions are continuing- nothing else is happening!! So both my OB and MFM (high-risk) think they are staying put for right now.  Even got clearance to go relax at our camper!(keyword:relax)

I’m feeling great! Tired…but great.  I am enjoying every minute of this last pregnancy. 

Prepping for delivery now.  Talked it through with my OB and I can only hope things go as planned! Sounds like there will be quite a team of people in there for me and both babies! Thankfully the hospital I am delivering at promotes a “natural” c-section.  As soon as the babies are born and tests are done- I will get to do skin to skin time with both of them while they finish the surgery.  Then they will come with me to the recovery room so I can nurse right away and spend time bonding.  This is so different then what it used to be.  I don’t think I saw Aiden for almost an hour and a half after his c-section. 

Feeling so blessed for everyone that has been helping us.  From food, to watching the kids or spending time at the house helping us get caught up.  It has truly been so helpful.  Thank so much.  We are so grateful. 

7 weeks to go!!


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