28 weeks

Hi Everyone!

My mom had an appt at her high risk doctor today and got to see the twins. I’m just going to give you a quick update!

She’s 28 weeks and 2 days.  Officially in the third trimester.  60 days to go until the scheduled delivery date of August 18! 
Twin A stats:

Breech- 2lb7oz- heart rate of 169 BPM 



Twin B

Transverse- 2lb10oz- heart rate of 156 BPM – lots of room to move!


So they are in a “T” formation.  A is in mom’s hip and B is in mom’s lung.  B’s leg is comfortable hanging out on A’s head.  A kept trying to move it’s head to get the leg off, but B wouldn’t have it. 


Dr told mom she’s not gaining enough weight so she needs to eat more.  She seemed ok with that.  
That’s it for now! I’m just going to be hanging out on my cool Elmo potty with my new hat.  


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