The Hospital Stay

Its been a week!

Mom came home from Lucy’s horse lessons on Monday night (she’s awesome at it, by the way) and wasn’t feeling too good.  She was drinking a bunch of water and trying to lay down, but was having a hard time breathing and said her stomach hurt.  Dad told her she should go to the hospital to get checked out, she agreed but said it was probably a false alarm, so they would be coming right home.  I guess when they got there, mom was having something called “contractions” pretty regularly and they doctors and nurses had to get them to stop so the twins wouldn’t come early!  IT was fun to go visit mom in the hospital- they had really yummy graham crackers and I even got to meet the nurse that helped deliver me a year ago!

Mom is 26 weeks along, and didn’t get home from the hospital until Thursday night.  The doctors ran a bunch of tests, and I guess the twins look good, but mom is going to keep having contractions every once in awhile.  She has to be on bedrest and that is not fun.  She is laying down all the time, but we have been reading a lot, which I like.  Dad has been at home now, which has been super fun.  We have been hanging out a lot, and playing and dancing and going for lots of walks.  Aiden and Lucy have been hanging out with me a lot too, which I LOVE!

The doctor’s said that the plan is that we need to get the twins to 30 weeks, and then anything after that is an added bonus.  No driving or doing anything!  Although, he still agrees the pool is good for her every day. Nana and Aunt Hilary have been spending a lot of time with us so dad could be with mom and get things done.  People have been bringing us a lot of food which is so yummy!  Mom and Dad have been so thankful.  I just like to eat!!  My favorite word is “Please” (which really just means “more!)

I will be back to update soon!  Keep praying for the twins!

One thought on “The Hospital Stay

  1. Thank you for the update Knox! We keep praying for all of you and especially for your mommy and Twins to hang in there and at least to make it to 30 weeks. I bet you’re all so excited. You and Lucy and Aiden are going to be such great older brothers and sisters. The twins will be very lucky to have you. Fun to get your updates buddy! Keep us posted 😘


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