28 weeks

Hi Everyone!

My mom had an appt at her high risk doctor today and got to see the twins. I’m just going to give you a quick update!

She’s 28 weeks and 2 days.  Officially in the third trimester.  60 days to go until the scheduled delivery date of August 18! 
Twin A stats:

Breech- 2lb7oz- heart rate of 169 BPM 



Twin B

Transverse- 2lb10oz- heart rate of 156 BPM – lots of room to move!


So they are in a “T” formation.  A is in mom’s hip and B is in mom’s lung.  B’s leg is comfortable hanging out on A’s head.  A kept trying to move it’s head to get the leg off, but B wouldn’t have it. 


Dr told mom she’s not gaining enough weight so she needs to eat more.  She seemed ok with that.  
That’s it for now! I’m just going to be hanging out on my cool Elmo potty with my new hat.  



“Team Green”

Hey there!  Mom’s taking over today!

I’m doing really well- 28 weeks on Tuesday, which is a great milestone- but we have 30 weeks in our sights!  Contractions have let up and the Doctor is letting me get up and move around a little bit more.  Still have to do that 30 minutes of pool time a day- oh, darn!

Some of you may not have heard this term before, but we are “Team Green” with these twinnies.  That means we are going to be surprised with their gender!  I know- everyone thinks we are crazy.  Like these twins weren’t enough of a surprise.  I’m actually shocked that we haven’t found out yet… either because lack of my will-power or someone slipping up during an ultrasound.  These twins have had more pictures taken of them than any of my other children, but no slip-up yet!

Some people wonder why we want to be surprised- its simple:

1) There are so few surprises in life anymore- we had always said “if” we were able to get pregnant again, we would be surprised this time around.  Didn’t want that to change… now we will just be double- surprised!

2) Our friends Lauren and Ryan (Knox’s Godparents) have been surprised for all three, and they have convinced us that it is a pretty amazing experience.  The nurses and doctors all get involved in guessing and it ends up being a party of sorts when they are born.  I like parties.  And a party to celebrate the twins sounds fantastic.

3) Why not? We are blessed enough to have so many young nieces and nephews- we will have clothes covered!  Minus the fact that I will definitely match their clothes when they are in public because… their twins! I feel like its my responsibility to have them in cute coordinating outfits outside of our house walls.  I mean, until they are at least 5?

So its been fun trying to guess and having our family and friends guess as well!!  Before I reveal the guesses- I will fill you in on the symptoms so you can guess yourself:

Cravings: I have had a mix of salty and sweet cravings.  I love McDonalds Cheeseburgers right now (so gross).  Bowl of ice cream or a shake?  Yes, please.  Nachos?  Bring them on.

Morning Sickness:  In terms of pregnancy morning sickness- I have not been sick at all with these two.  The worst pregnancy sickness wise was the baby we lost, then Lucy, then Knox, then these two and then Aiden.

Heart rates:  Their heart rates have been all over the board.  Started out in the 160s, dropped down to 145, then 130s, and then in the hospital- they were anywhere from 140-165 during our NSTs (non-stress tests).  At the most recent appointment on Friday, they were 155 each.  They are always within 5 beats of each other.  Their measurements have always been the same until 24 weeks- Twin A weighed 1lb7oz and Twin B weighed 1lb9oz.

And here’s how I am carrying:   
   and Here come the guesses… (drumroll)

Me: B/B

Jeremy: G/G

Aiden: B/G

Lucy G/G

Nana (my mom): B/G

Bumpa (my dad): G/G

Gramma Jo (Jeremy’s mom): B/G

Papa Dale (Jeremy’s dad): G/G

Jake (my brother): B/G

Hilary (SIL): B/G

Jennifer (Jeremy’s sister): B/B

Bekah (SIL): G/G

Jessica (Jeremy’s sister): B/B

Alright- guesses are in- 9 weeks and 1 day to go (August 18!)  What are your guesses?


The Hospital Stay

Its been a week!

Mom came home from Lucy’s horse lessons on Monday night (she’s awesome at it, by the way) and wasn’t feeling too good.  She was drinking a bunch of water and trying to lay down, but was having a hard time breathing and said her stomach hurt.  Dad told her she should go to the hospital to get checked out, she agreed but said it was probably a false alarm, so they would be coming right home.  I guess when they got there, mom was having something called “contractions” pretty regularly and they doctors and nurses had to get them to stop so the twins wouldn’t come early!  IT was fun to go visit mom in the hospital- they had really yummy graham crackers and I even got to meet the nurse that helped deliver me a year ago!

Mom is 26 weeks along, and didn’t get home from the hospital until Thursday night.  The doctors ran a bunch of tests, and I guess the twins look good, but mom is going to keep having contractions every once in awhile.  She has to be on bedrest and that is not fun.  She is laying down all the time, but we have been reading a lot, which I like.  Dad has been at home now, which has been super fun.  We have been hanging out a lot, and playing and dancing and going for lots of walks.  Aiden and Lucy have been hanging out with me a lot too, which I LOVE!

The doctor’s said that the plan is that we need to get the twins to 30 weeks, and then anything after that is an added bonus.  No driving or doing anything!  Although, he still agrees the pool is good for her every day. Nana and Aunt Hilary have been spending a lot of time with us so dad could be with mom and get things done.  People have been bringing us a lot of food which is so yummy!  Mom and Dad have been so thankful.  I just like to eat!!  My favorite word is “Please” (which really just means “more!)

I will be back to update soon!  Keep praying for the twins!