22 weeks 

Well for me- the highlight of today was going to see my dad at work! He’s been gone working long hours- I was so excited to see him that I kept waving goodbye to mom.  She really didn’t need to be there.  Dad and I had everything under control.

For my mom- she got to go to the doctor today (she took me with her which was not fun at all… Until she gave me a carrot pouch and I manged to turn my white and navy shirt- into orange and navy… that was fun).  The doctor just listened to the twins’ heart beats.  He said one was 155 and the other was 145 but we couldn’t tell what heartbeat belonged to what baby.  They must be really packed tight in there!  Mom has two anterior placentas, so she said she is just starting to feel every poke and jab from both of them… I guess 8 arms and legs can make for a lot of movement.  Lucy was able to see mom’s stomach move tonight… And cuatro kept kicking Lucy’s hand.  Creeeeepy.

Here’s a picture of mom’s belly- she’s getting big!! 15 weeks to go.  


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