Quatro and Cinco


Hi, everyone-

Its me, Superman-

Just kidding- its Knox!

So my parents keep referring to the twins as Quatro and Cinco.  They don’t have names, because…well… mom and dad aren’t finding out the twins’ sex until they arrive!  (They say if they are two girls, then they will be Quatra and Cinca).

What if they are two girls?  What if they are two boys?  What if they are identical?

My dad is scared we are going to mix them up.  He says he is going to tattoo them so we can always tell them apart.  I saw this idea and thought it was a good one:


Otherwise- I’ve heard people paint their nails, or always keep them on the same side (so one baby is always on the left and the other on the right), they wear bracelets or necklaces, or always wear the same color!  It just sounds like so much to keep track of!

I think this is going to be me:

I guess the good thing is that if they are a boy and girl, we will easily be able to tell them apart!  At least I hope…IMG_4183

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Quatro and Cinco

  1. Yes, it’s a hard Knox life, Knox 🙂 You’re going to be such a good big brother. You can teach them all the ropes your older brother and sister taught you – and add a few of your own 🙂


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