24 weeks

Hey world-

A lot has happened since my mom last let me on the computer…

Let’s see- no big deal, but I turned ONE!!!  I had so much fun with my family, cousins and friends at Grizzly Jacks.  I. Love. Swimming.  

I had my One year check up and I weigh 22lbs and am 29.5″ long (both in the 50th percentile… But my head is in the 85th percentile… Thanks, mom)

Then my mom had an appointment with her high-risk doctor to check on the twins.  They are doing great!  The doctor was worried about something called Placenta Accreta when she was last there, but the scan looked good yesterday.  They are going to check again the four weeks, but the doctor thinks that as mommy’a stomach gets bigger, the issue will correct itself.

Twin A (cuatro) weighs 1lb 7oz and had a heart beat of 139bpm.  (They were sleeping most of the time).  And Twin B (Cinco) weighs 1lb 9oz and has a heart beat of 145bpm.  I guess they look like a ying yang sign in mommy’s tummy.  Cuatro is upside down, but it’s butt is on Cinco’s head. And Cinco’s butt is right next to Cuatro’s head.  

Twin B (Cinco) showing off the flexibility  

Twin A (Cuatro) face 


Twin B (Cinco) face in 3D  

12. 5 weeks to go!! Oh- and the doctor told mom to spend at least 30 minutes in the pool every day this summer.  Mom seemed very happy (and that means I get to swim!!). The doctor also told mom she can work, but then she had to take it easy the rest of the day.  I don’t think he realizes that won’t fit in my schedule.  



22 weeks 

Well for me- the highlight of today was going to see my dad at work! He’s been gone working long hours- I was so excited to see him that I kept waving goodbye to mom.  She really didn’t need to be there.  Dad and I had everything under control.

For my mom- she got to go to the doctor today (she took me with her which was not fun at all… Until she gave me a carrot pouch and I manged to turn my white and navy shirt- into orange and navy… that was fun).  The doctor just listened to the twins’ heart beats.  He said one was 155 and the other was 145 but we couldn’t tell what heartbeat belonged to what baby.  They must be really packed tight in there!  Mom has two anterior placentas, so she said she is just starting to feel every poke and jab from both of them… I guess 8 arms and legs can make for a lot of movement.  Lucy was able to see mom’s stomach move tonight… And cuatro kept kicking Lucy’s hand.  Creeeeepy.

Here’s a picture of mom’s belly- she’s getting big!! 15 weeks to go.  



Quatro and Cinco


Hi, everyone-

Its me, Superman-

Just kidding- its Knox!

So my parents keep referring to the twins as Quatro and Cinco.  They don’t have names, because…well… mom and dad aren’t finding out the twins’ sex until they arrive!  (They say if they are two girls, then they will be Quatra and Cinca).

What if they are two girls?  What if they are two boys?  What if they are identical?

My dad is scared we are going to mix them up.  He says he is going to tattoo them so we can always tell them apart.  I saw this idea and thought it was a good one:


Otherwise- I’ve heard people paint their nails, or always keep them on the same side (so one baby is always on the left and the other on the right), they wear bracelets or necklaces, or always wear the same color!  It just sounds like so much to keep track of!

I think this is going to be me:

I guess the good thing is that if they are a boy and girl, we will easily be able to tell them apart!  At least I hope…IMG_4183

Happy Friday!